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15-10-08, 01:03
Sooooo. My graphics card just fried when I tripped over a power cord and upset the daisychain. I'll try starting it again tomorrow, but I think it's well and truly deceased. I can't discover whether anything else in there was killed until I get the old gfx card back in... The hard drives better be fine; the rest can burn. :mad:

Anyways. Bet you hate this question.

I honestly have no idea how to build a computer from scratch. I mean, I can put it together, but I don't know what I need to buy. Last time I built a computer, Pentium 4 was brand new. :p

My current puter is obsolete and can't be upgraded, so I'll need a motherboard, processor, ram, gfx card and case. I'll transfer my old hard drives, DVD drives and 600W PSU to the new machine. Ideally I'd like water cooling, because that eliminates the heating problems caused by cat hair getting clogged in fan shafts. :pi:

My budget is 400, and I have absolutely no brand preferences. I want to be able to play games that come out in 2009/2010.

So, any suggestions? I'm guessing the motherboard is the most important choice, and it's the one I know least about. D:

15-10-08, 01:26
In my opinion, going for an AM2+ socket motherboard is the smartest choice right now. I find AMD's price/performance ratio to be quite pleasing. You could start out with an Athlon X2 and maybe move up to a Phenom X4 some other time.
Having at least 2 PCI Express x16 2.0 will also be a very good idea. I'll be looking for some decent deals for you. I know nothing about European shipping, so what is probably the country a website would ship to you from?

Oh and about your power supply, make sure it is a 24 pin or 20+4 pin with a 4 pin P4 connector also. Would want to have 6 pin PCIe connector on it too.

15-10-08, 01:32
I'd be looking for a supplier in the UK. Anything delivered from further will probably cost too much. :)

15-10-08, 01:40
Ah... well its probably best to let someone who lives in the UK recommend a good website to order from :) But I can tell you that Asus, Gigabyte, ECS, EVGA, MSI & Sapphire are good brands.

The specs I'd look for in a board if I were to build a top of the line is:

Socket AM2+
DDR2 800 or 1066
PCI Express x16 2.0, preferably 2 slots
If your drives are PATA, then 2 PATA slots for using 4 devices.

For example, this monstrosity http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130161

Not exactly that, but the features on that one are respectable.

15-10-08, 01:51
I just discovered something magical (http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk). Could I ask you to take a peek and tell me if you think the prices seem reasonable?

This costs 415:

This costs 270:

15-10-08, 01:55
If I'm correct that 270 = about $365, then I'd say the price isn't so bad. But the graphics card is lacking big time. Games released in the last year would choke bad on a 9400.

15-10-08, 02:04
What ones would you recommend? Google is just confusing me. :(

Would I be able to skimp a bit on the rest of the system, get a low/mid-range processor and a high-end card for cheap gaming?

15-10-08, 02:11
I'd recommend buying a decent (more expensive) motherboard & graphics card, as you can find really good cheap (inexpensive) processors and RAM.

If you don't mind ATI, again, AMD/ATI have a better price/performance ratio right now, I would buy the HD4870, HD4850, or HD3870. The latter two are under $200, some sites list them as low as $140, and they have the specs to run the hell out of any game you throw at them.

I wouldn't skimp on the Motherboard obviously, as your computers entire future is based on that. But you CAN find 2GB of ram for around $35-40 if you look around. Processor would cost you around $100, I would buy AMD Athlon X2 6000+ if I were trying to stay within a budget. I see games going towards multi-thread technology pretty soon, so thats why I recommend the X2. If you can reuse your PSU, then that will be a great help.

15-10-08, 02:24
Great, thanks muchly. :tmb: I'll have a proper look at this stuff tomorrow.

15-10-08, 02:27
Great glad to be of some help. Maybe between now and then you'll get some Intel/Nvidia advice from someone else to compare with my AMD/ATI favoritism. :D

15-10-08, 06:35
:wve: Grace
My 2 cents:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 Dual Core AM2 1MB 3.1GHz (http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quicklinx=57Y0&CategorySelectedId=11147&PageMode=1&NavigationKey=11147,51070000,50521) - 64.09 inc vat (you can change it to 4 cored Phenom later)

MoBo: Asustek AM2/AM2+ AMD 790GX DDR2 ATX Audio Lan (http://www.dabs.com/ProductView.aspx?Quicklinx=57TH&CategorySelectedId=11143&PageMode=1&NavigationKey=11143,418610000,4294952280&InMerch=1) - 98.86 inc vat (supports both AM2 and AM2+ for further upgrade)

RAM:OCZ Technology 2X2GBKIT 240PIN PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHZ (http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quicklinx=4RPH&CategorySelectedId=11150&PageMode=1&NavigationKey=11150,4294952421,42670000,50121) - 51.84 inc vat

VB: EVGA GeForce 9800GTX 512MB DDR3 PCIE Dual DVI 675/2.2 (http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quicklinx=50DG&CategorySelectedId=11137&PageMode=1&NavigationKey=11137,419140000,419280000) - 147.29 inc vat

Case: Dabs Value Tempest Airflow No PSU ATX Black (http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quicklinx=55XJ&CategorySelectedId=11145&PageMode=1&NavigationKey=11145,4294953893,351080000,40730000, 12) - 61.76 inc vat

Total: 424

15-10-08, 11:10
**** **** **** **** **** it's not the graphics card, it's the monitor. Or it's the computer AND monitor. :(

That'll be 600 then. ARGH

Esconder - thanks. I've bookmarked your suggestions :)

15-10-08, 11:18
^ YW :)

Great glad to be of some help. Maybe between now and then you'll get some Intel/Nvidia advice from someone else to compare with my AMD/ATI favoritism. :D

AMD is doing great with either ATI or Nvidia video boards, so for me it's more of AMD/Nvidia favouritism ;)

16-10-08, 16:33
Alex put my on to these a month ago :tmb:
AND they have a UK outlet
CLICKY (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=3035514&postcount=15)