View Full Version : Xbox 360 question.

16-10-08, 09:32
HI! I see some people on youtube they record their tomb raider games on an xbox...any tips on how i can record my games while playing Xbox 360? :confused::confused::confused:

16-10-08, 09:46
Coughcameracough :)

16-10-08, 09:53
OH!! Good idea XD I guess i could find a way to record it with digital camera :o.

16-10-08, 11:51
Tv Card.

16-10-08, 15:08
I use a DVD recorder, only drawback is that the button responses get a bit slow.

16-10-08, 22:22
One way is to get a capture card and install it to your PC. You can also get signal splitters (so you can play the game on your television, while simultaneously recording it to your PC) for pretty cheap. The capture card itself is only about US $30, and the splitters are less than $10. That's how my best friend does it.