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16-10-08, 22:28
My PC has been running rather crappy lately. I want to use CCleaner's registry cleaner option, but I don't see an option to backup the registry (which they recommend I do).

My question is, would creating a system restore point, back up the registry as well?

Thanks. :wve:

17-10-08, 04:12
it should prompt you as soon as you click the button to "fix issues". a window should pop up and ask do you want to back up the registry. at which point you will confirm, and a .reg file will be created.

alternately, you should be able to go to:
start -> run -> regedit

right click on the very top level ("my computer") and then click on export. This should backup the entire registry.

17-10-08, 17:40
The restore point will also fit :)