View Full Version : Chronicles annoyance

17-10-08, 21:51
I just installed TR5 and after applying the multipatch everything is running fine, except every time I run the game, my monitor refresh rate reverts back to 60hz after I quit. Which is irritating.

I'm using an old CRT monitor and my refresh rate is normally set to 85hz. My resolution is 1280x1024.

18-10-08, 11:28
I remember this glitch. AFAIK there is nothing that can be done to avoid it totaly.
Do you have latest video board drivers and more important native monitor drivers installed?

18-10-08, 13:51
Yes, I have the latest video drivers, and I checked the manufacturer site for my monitor http://www.hitachi.us/Apps/hitachicom/content.jsp?page=index.html&&path=jsp/hitachi/support/Drivers/ and they don't appear to even have CTR drivers.