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19-10-08, 04:38
I need help! My (other) PC is not working very well. Or at all, actually. I turn it on, the first few screens come up as normal, then it says "verifying pool data" or something and then below that comes up a Y followed by what looks like the infinity symbol followed by a Y and the infinity symbol again. After it is a blinking cursor and it just stays like that until I turn it off or restart it. Sorry if this makes no sense but I have no idea what's going on and I need to be able to get on this specific computer for school.:(

19-10-08, 08:55
1. What OS do you have on this PC?
2. When did this issue start?

The issue can exist due the following reasons:

Corrupt boot files on the computer.
Settings for hard disk drive are not correct.
Floppy diskette or CD in computer causing issue.
Boot devices not set properly.
BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly.
Connections loose or disconnected.
Bad Hard disk drive or other bad hardware.

Solutions (each number corresponds the same from the reasons list above):

Boot from OS Installation disc and either run Recovery console to use fixmbr and fixboot commands, or run OS Installation in repair mode (Not Clean Install, but Update).

Enter BIOS by pressing DEL or F2 at boot and redefine your HDD either manually if you know the parameters, or set it to AUTO detection mode.

Check if there is a diskette or CD-disc in drives, enter BIOS and make your PC boot only from HDD, or from HDD first.

Almost the same as above, check that if you have 2 or more physical HDDs, the one containing OS must be first in Boot Devices List.

Enter BIOS and use Load BIOS/Setup Defaults section there.

Turn off your PC, open the case and check if there are no loose connections in slots and connectors there.

Your HDD may become corrupt, boot from another device (CD, Flash drive) and look what personal data is still possible to recover.

19-10-08, 15:08
It's XP and it started yesterday. thanks!:hug: