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20-10-08, 16:10
hi :wve:

i know i havent been here for a while but i have a problem...

i have been trying to connect to xbox live by connect an ethernet cable form the console straight to the modem. the ip address was confirmed but the dns kept failing:(

i pretty sure i have typed the right numbers in but it doesnt work

any help is appreciated:)


20-10-08, 16:38
You just need to retrieve the following information from your ISP (by e-mail or phone):

gateway IP
primary DNS IP
alternative DNS IP

and fill in the corresponding fields of connection properties.

20-10-08, 21:57
and have you subscribed to the x-box live service?

you can also use the following free DNS addresses from Open DNS instead of going through your ISP's DNS server(s):

Preferred DNS server address for Open DNS is:
Alternate DNS server address for Open DNS is: