View Full Version : GIFs dont animate

24-10-08, 02:47
i have a problem with animating GIFs. for some reason, GIFs dont animate on any of my browsers even though i have the option "enable gif animation" ON
i have tried turning it OFF and ON several times but no luck.

please help.

24-10-08, 06:34
1. Do you have firewall application? Check AD-filtering settings there first.

2. Flush browsers' cache.

3. Tell me exactly what browsers/versions you need to enable GIF animation in?

25-10-08, 19:56
^ Hi EscondeR:

I have Zone Alarm firewall and AD setting are enabled at medium level. I use IE7, Opera9.61 and GIFs do not animate in any of them.

i always clear browser's cache after every session.