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24-10-08, 09:16
Hello everyone,

I bought this laptop (http://sp.fujitsu-siemens.com/dmsp/docs/ds_amilo_li_1718.pdf) a couple of years ago (Amilo Li1718).

I'd really like to update the graphics card so I can actually play some games other than TRA on it, but I can't because the card is built into the motherboard or something.

Apparently, the only way to upgrade the graphics card is to get a new motherboard with a better card installed, but the motherboard has to be the same layout as the original one. Now, I'm totally useless at this kind of thing (making computers do things is fine, understanding what the hell is inside them is waaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond me :o), so i was wondering if any of you lovely forum techy bods might be able to help me out - point me in the right direction to what I need, or to tell me it's not possible etc.

ANY help would be muchly muchly appreciated :D

24-10-08, 09:27
Upgrading a laptop motherboard is very, very rarely done. You can upgrade the RAM easily enough, sometimes the processor, but the motherboard is more or less a no-go situation.

You would need to find a compatible motherboard with the exact same dimensions, plus most likely change the CPU and RAM. It would also have to use the same power supply, have all the right connections in all the right places; essentially you would need close to an exact replice with a bit more grunt.

You would be better off getting a new laptop. Even if you could find a motherboard to use, it would be expensive, and labour intensive.

24-10-08, 09:38
^ Exactly

24-10-08, 09:57
Excellent. New laptop it is! Thanks for your help guys. :hug:

(you can go ahead and close this now if you like)

24-10-08, 10:00
My pleasure.

Just make sure you let us know what you get!

24-10-08, 10:01
well, actually, I'm being bought a new laptop by work (may even get it today), but not sure it'll be good enough to play games. Will let you know!

24-10-08, 10:59
when you get it, you can run and post a report of diagnose.exe (http://www.diagnose.exe) and we can let you know how things can be expected to run.