View Full Version : Norton Antivirus 2009 blocking texmod.exe as trojan

24-10-08, 21:28
I downloaded texmod from this site. I can't even unzip it. The moment I try to, Norton Antivirus 2009 blocks it as a trojan and deletes it. What's up?

24-10-08, 21:30
Welcome to the club! I had that exact issue last night, what i did to solve it was disconnect from the internet and shut of the running protection. Then unzip the TexMod file from the zip file and add it to the exclusion list. Turned it on and everything was just fine. :)

24-10-08, 21:35
2009 already? I must buy it lol!

24-10-08, 21:37
I did something similar by turning off auto protect, unzipping texmod, adding it to the exclusion list, and then turning auto protect back on.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to get in touch with Symantec to send them this file so they can take it off their list of trojans so this doesn't keep happening.

BTW, Norton Antivirus 2009 is actually quite good. I like it the best of all the other Norton Antivirus' I've had and I've had just about every version. For some reason it doesn't like this one file.

Tomb Raider Master
24-10-08, 22:15
I assure you TexMod is 100% virus-free.

Sir Croft
24-10-08, 22:23
The problem here is Norton, as usual. :rolleyes:
Do yourself a favour and get a proper antivirus.

24-10-08, 22:44
I think it's because Norton assumes that since 'texmod' injects files and stuff into TRL/TRA, it's automatically a trojan. I don't know if that is what 'texmod' does; but I'm certain similar things happen with trainers, and they inject a change into the exe.. so 'texmod' files might represent a similar action, and to keep you safe they just stop you running it? I don't know. I'm going to be quiet now as I have no idea what I'm talking about haha :D!

25-10-08, 00:44
That sounds pretty logical. I have seen it block some trainers too.

As far as Norton 2009 Antivirus. It's changed quite a bit from previous versions. The bloat that the previous versions were criticized for is gone. It's streamlined quite a bit. Gone are the multiple programs it used to install like "Live Update". Reviews on it are quite good.

I got on live tech support with someone (the online one where they take over your computer like Microsoft does it) and they had me send them the file. I should be hearing back from them on it.

The Great Chi
26-10-08, 21:20
I had these problems with Norton in the past, as my computer came with it ready installed on the hard drive.

It also slowed down the performance of my low spec computer when on the internet, the pages were so slow to come up, so I got rid of it.

IMPORTANT NOTE... I could not believe the Norton Antivirus program did not come with an UNINSTAL, like most programs.

If you uninstall manually, you end up with broken interlinks that make it very difficult to get your computer free from it, leading to many problems.

What you have to do is goto the Norton website and get the Norton removal tool, which is an uninstal program.

I would never use Norton ever again, due to its totally non-user friendly attitude towards users :(

27-10-08, 06:28
Dunno which version you are speaking of but Norton Antivirus has come a long way since the old days. I've used Norton Antivirus longer than since 2002. I know all about the issues it had and saw the Norton haters develop through the years. Those issues are history, especially with 2009, but there still remain Norton haters that won't even take a look again. It's their loss if they want to think that nothing changes.

01-11-08, 17:51
McAfee VirusScan has been known to do that, too. There is nothing worrying about texmod though.