View Full Version : New forum banner?

25-10-08, 15:06
Although I love classic Lara I think the banner in the upper left hand corner could be updated.

We have so many creative and talented people on here (that are ever so adept at photoshop) could we maybe have a contest for someone to come up with a new forum banner and change the old one?

25-10-08, 15:16
post the idea in Fan art. for the competition, than see if someone up there thinks it's a good idea: P

25-10-08, 15:35
I agree & it's a good idea, but I think Justin needs to approve it first :)

25-10-08, 15:42
Aww no:(
This banner seems to be here since the first time I came on TRF:(
I don't want it to change.

25-10-08, 15:45
I think it's time for an update, but a new banner should stay the same classic blue colour :D

Wana b like Lara
25-10-08, 15:46
Great idea, yeah! I was thinking that a while ago :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
25-10-08, 15:49
I think we could use a completely new skin, tbh :p

25-10-08, 16:17
We need new skin + banner.
Everything is so plain.

Candee Sparks
25-10-08, 16:18
I remember a few years back, that banner would change almost every other day. :p

I wouldn't mind a few changes to the look, it is very plain and I do remember it being very colorful way back when.

Nitro Typhoon
25-10-08, 16:20
You should post this in the Suggestions Thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=133079).

Not that Mister Justin will pay any attention to it :rolleyes:

tlr online
25-10-08, 16:48
Not that Mister Justin will pay any attention to it :rolleyes:

Please see my reply and continue in this thread.