View Full Version : AOD audio cuts

26-10-08, 08:25
Some speeches in AOD get cut abruptly and randomly. When I use the 'Basic Coreaudio 3D Pannin' there are no cuts, and although that solves it without 3D acceleration I can't enable EAX (and the sound is probably one of the best thing in this buggy game). I think it has to do with the hardware acceleration, but I am not sure how to fix it. When I change the audio properties, say, setting my speakers to 5.1 in the control panel audio properties, the audio cuts still occur, but less frecuently. Last time I set my speakes to default surround sound, and I think I'm getting less cuts with that.

I have a Realtek HD, the sound drivers are up to date (and what do the drivers have to do with these errors anyway?, I think the game itself is not well polished).

26-10-08, 08:49
to turn down hardware acceleration:
start -> run > type "dxdiag" w/o quotes, and press enter.

go to sound tab and move the slide for hardware acceleration to basic or none.