View Full Version : How to setup a Strict internet browsing

Tthe Spirit
27-10-08, 09:19
Recently, some of my friends have browsed on my laptop X-rated websites and downloaded adult films (something i totally hate and am against)...

I am just so frustrated and had a big fight with them...
I am now doubting that maybe even my bro. and some of his friends are doing the same...

Is there a way that i can totally ban viewing such webpages...
I need details of how to block these webpages and even instead of showing the webpage, a warning box appears saying that such webpage is locked...

I will apprecaiate the help :)

27-10-08, 09:22
cant you set up a 'parental control' where anything with the word 'Sex' or similar is not allowed on your computer unless you have a password?

27-10-08, 09:25
Hmm. probably won't be of too much help. But what about not letting them use your PC?

27-10-08, 09:40
^ The best solution so far as there is always a way that can be found to circumvent restrictions... :)

But, install a good firewall - Zone Alarm Pro or Zone Alarm Security Suite (http://www.zonealarm.com/store/content/catalog/products/trial_zaFamily/trial_zaFamily.jsp), you'll need to pay for it, but then you can ban sites by IP, by content/key words/etc. Don't forget to password protect ZA settings though.
Restricting access in general is a good way - make a guest account for them, then it'll be easier for you to control.

27-10-08, 16:56
also, some DNS providers such as open dns (http://www.opendns.com/) will block those domains that are X-Rated.