View Full Version : Xbox 360 Sound issues

27-10-08, 21:27
I'm been having sound problems with the 360 that I don't know how to fix. While all sounds play on all games, the voices are extremely soft and hard to hear. Even if I turn down all of the other settings to minimum and only have the voices on max, they are still hard to hear over the sound effects and music. This isn't happening one just one game, but all of them. Any ideas on how to fix this?

27-10-08, 22:43
Ummm, never had this problem before.

All cable connected?
Setting of the game at 100% ?

If all fails, you should call Microsoft to see how to fix it.

27-10-08, 23:05
further more, what are the sound settings of your TV/Stereo system as well as X-Box?

This can occur if you have Dolby 5.1/7.1 Surround sound set on any of the devices, yet you only have 2 or 4 speakers hooked up (basic stero or surround stereo respectively). Set speaker/sound settings on all devices to match the setup that you have.

To explain why, music and such is directed to the left/right speakers, while voices are mainly directed to the center channel. If dolby encoding is set and no center channel speaker is present, voices may not be heard very well.

28-10-08, 06:08
^ Yup. Check the speakers layout and environmental settings also if any. Some environments make voices pretty inaudible.