View Full Version : Labtop Screens

28-10-08, 03:52
Can you replace them? Or do you have to buy a whole new labtop all together.
When i closed my labtop screen it cracked:(. Im wondering if you can buy new screens or get someone to put a new one on for you?

28-10-08, 06:17
Call your retailer/manufacturer for service. It will depend on the service level and the model of your laptop generally.

28-10-08, 15:26
Depends on the model and company.

Apple isn't good about replacing "screens", but if you have AppleCare they will give you a whole new laptop.

But a PC might be replaceable.


28-10-08, 19:31
Mines a Toshiba. I cant exactly remember the model. But i will be sure to do that thanks :)

29-10-08, 10:04
As stated before, it's probably best to contact the manufacturer. But if that fails you, it is possible for you to replace the screen yourself. However, unless you know what you're doing it's not the best of options in case you cause some sort of damage. At the end of the day, knowing how to replace or upgrade the screen is probably a useful skill to have... but if it's an upgrade rather than a replacement you'll definitely want to get hold of the correct inverters for the new screen and switch them out before switching the display.