View Full Version : connecting through a proxy server

28-10-08, 21:20
1. are there any free ones out there?
2. how to set it up?

I've seen some that appear to be just a web page that you browse to and then you enter the website url into a box on that website, but I am wanting to find a proxy service that I can setup on my lan connection so that I don't have to keep going to one of those websites. and the other thing is how do I set it up to use that proxy?

29-10-08, 06:46
1. To install a standalone annonymizer proxy you may use TOR (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_(anonymity_network)) (it's free AFAIK) :)

2. But generally if you want an easy free annonymity, better use any free Web proxy (those pages ;) ), e.g. use WEB Proxy list (http://proxy.org/cgi_proxies.shtml)

29-10-08, 07:04
okay.. so I read a bit about the TOR system and it looks like it addressed some issues with potential security risks and their potential fixes, as well as some "impolite" uses on the TOR network.

lets say I were to set up with the TOR network, would it be possible to specify only certain services to run through that proxy, such as web and email only. I have to admit that this is a bit over my head and I'm trying to learn a bit more about it.

29-10-08, 07:28
Well... You can specify services AFAIK, and you can easily switch between "through-TOR" usage and common usage :)