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29-10-08, 06:38
Is there another program besides joy2key that I can use so that I can use my logitech duel gamepad (it has 12 keys and 2 joysticks) with these games. I tried to use joy2key and I found the instructions to be too confusing; I was not able to figure out how to map out my keys.


29-10-08, 07:03
Read them again and be attentive. Mind that you must have your gamepad configured properly in Control panel > Gaming devices first.
Joy2Key is the best solution so far!

If you're running TR1 with this gamepad and having problems with analog stick, you can enable gamepads usage in VDMSound, press "Inputs mapping" and try any of the maps. It'll enable analog stick usage and other keys can be configured via Joy2Key easily.

29-10-08, 20:15
My gamepad is configured in the control panel. However in joy2stick it has you put in keyboard commands only. Also there is the thing where you double click on the "LEFT" keyboard ( or one of the other commands) command and a few windows come up that to me are not self explanitory. The "assign" thing lacked direction. Also there is automatic thing. Like I said, I read the readme and found that it lacked explanation.

I am trying to run TR3.


29-10-08, 22:26

I think I got this to work as best as I can get it too. I did a google search and came up with this webpage that had some additional instructions:


After doing a test run in the Croft manor, I found that the controls were not as smooth as they are in Legend or TRA. I guess this is somthing that I will have to adjust myself too.

Thanks for your help.