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Tthe Spirit
31-10-08, 07:31
Am making a video production for my thesis introduction, and along with the music and video scenes i want to record my voice to it...

I am using the windows recorder, but as i listen to what i recorded my voice seems so ugly... unclear somehow and rough at some points especially when there is "ch", "sh", letters in the word...
or maybe this is my real voice :yik:

Ok, i was just wodering if there is any thing that helps filtering the record or maybe a program that if you type the words for it, it can speak them and record them..
maybe i am asking too much, but perhaps any idea of how to record the voice so well will do..

i know, my first solutin is to keep practicing till i get the accent so well done...
any other suggesstipon will help too
thanks in advance... :)

31-10-08, 07:47

1. Connect a decent microphone to PC.
2. Configure mic in Sound Control panel to remove noise/echo/static.
3. Record in any program you like, but if you want excellent results use Sound Forge to record and process.
4. Practice your accent to be audible/understandable (you may need to record the same samples several times to choose the best one).