View Full Version : Re-configuring TR4 hotkeys

White Rabbit
31-10-08, 12:22
I have edited my keyboard controls so that the direction keys are on the numpad. This would make the default look button very awkward to press, so I changed that to numpad's Enter. These controls work well for TRs 1-3, but in TR4, there is a windowed/full screen hot key, that is Alt+Enter, and this means I can't swim and look at the same time, or jump and look at the same time. How can I change this hot key so that it doesn't use Enter or Alt? Or could I perhaps disable windowed mode altogether?

31-10-08, 12:25
Nope. You need to map the Look control to some other key.

White Rabbit
31-10-08, 13:26
That's a pity, but while playing around some more, I realized that the game can be tricked by holding down Ctrl or some other key while pressing Alt+Enter, so now I get to eat my cake too. :)