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31-10-08, 20:32
Soo after getting the MAC..IP..masks.. DHCP server and DNA servers and the stupid Gateway.. (even impressed myself) :tea: getting them all to work and super exited when I saw "confirm" on Live..
I find out that Marketplace isnt international.. :cen:
Am I the stupid one here or it really is so?? :confused:I understand that Online play might be hard to set up but.... the marketplace should be international..
So my Q would be.. marketplace is for those who live in the countrys the Xbox Live is????:hea:
Ou and I live in Estonia.. Finland and Sweden have Xbox Live can I use those countrys when im makeing the LIVE account?

03-11-08, 05:06
:ohn: GOT IT TO WORK :ohn:
Mods can close this thread now.. :yah: