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31-10-08, 21:26
I have an ATI 1500 series, and it doesn't have the right Shader able to run the game. If I uninstall the current one, and download a new driver from the ATI website, will something go wrong or by all means would it even work?

31-10-08, 21:45
Bump. I don't want this to be lost.

31-10-08, 21:49
If the graphics card doesn't have the capability then no amount of various drivers will make any difference.

And please do not bump threads.

31-10-08, 21:52
Well it's a driver (is there a difference)? It's giving me the option to download a new driver if I uninstall the current one.


31-10-08, 21:54
Yes, there's a difference. A driver only enables your PC to make use of the features of the card. If a feature isn't there, the driver makes no difference.

31-10-08, 21:55
Crap, Ok. Well thank you for your help.

I was about to do something that was a total waste of my time.