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01-11-08, 00:56
If there is alredy a thred about this my appologies:o

now i have a PS3 but i decided to download TRU demo on my PC :p so i did all the installing and every thing and then it brought me to a rendering setup screen ( able to fix the brightness water/ shadow affects ect.)

i dont know alot with PC downloading so i thought nothing of it and clicked continue and it said FAILED TO CONNECT DIRECT3D WITH CURRENT SETTINGS

does any one know what settings it has to be on to work? better yet does any one know what the hell im talking about:o

01-11-08, 01:09
Sorry, but your graphics card doesn't support SM 3.0 so you most likely won't be able to play.

Also have a look at this thread:

01-11-08, 01:12
:( ok thanks