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01-11-08, 11:59
just got the demo yesterday and my shiny new PC runs it very well. I was just wondering under the display settings what anti-aliasing does. I filtered through 2x all the way up to 16xq or w/e and all it seemed to do was slow the game down. So i was just wondering what it does/is it important to activate it. Thanks.

01-11-08, 13:29
In layman's terms, it makes the edges smoother as illustrated here:


At some point I guess whether you use 4x, 8x or 16x you may stop to really notice the difference, but I can't say for sure because my card could never properly anti-alias anything :p

Dell Boi
01-11-08, 13:31
Right, so crank AA to x16 and you got beautiful smooth edges on every texture, but it will drop your frame rate.

01-11-08, 18:37
thanks for the info, i think ill just as soon leave it off, since it makes only a small amount of difference, or at the most turn it to 2x. thanks again