View Full Version : your favorite/least favorite lara?

01-11-08, 15:24
lara's you can pick from:
early core lara
aod lara
legend lara
anni lara
underworld lara

my favorite is obviously underworld lara,whereas my least is anni lara

how about you?

01-11-08, 15:29
Favourite: Lara
Least favourite: Lara

01-11-08, 15:32
your least favorite was lara?:(

01-11-08, 15:33
It depends on what aspect you're after.

It's hard for me to pick, really, since I don't know all Lara's that well. But in regards to personality and who Lara is recognised as, I would say TR2 and TR3 Lara.

With attractiveness, I would say Legend Lara.

01-11-08, 15:33
Favourite: Legend Japan

Least Favourite: Lara TR 1 :)

01-11-08, 15:34
your least favorite was lara? :(

I wanted to say that I don't have a favourite or a least favourite.It's Lara,and I <3 her.:D:)

01-11-08, 15:34
Favorite: Underworld Lara (of course)
Least Favorite: AOD Lara (only because of her *****y attitude)

01-11-08, 15:36
Favourite: Probably TR4/AoD Lara.

Least favourite: legend Lara. Sigh.

01-11-08, 15:37
Favourite: Lara
Least favourite: Lara

I'm the same. It's Lara, and I <3 Lara too!

01-11-08, 15:41
My least favourite is AOD lara because she seemed like a rushed character development thing. It really seemed like core just shoved that whole new personality thing in there to make the game more exciting. Though to be honest i could say the same thing about legend.

My favourite is classic lara, because everyone loves her:)

01-11-08, 15:46
Personality:Legend Lara...She seemed to be a bit kinder and more patient than AOD Lara;)

Graphics and looks....:Anniversary Lara.... although she obviosly looked younger than TRL Lara cos TRA was before TRL;)

Least fave Lara: TR4.....Really didnt think the voice acting was brilliant....Jonell was much better in AOD;)

01-11-08, 16:16
fav : AOD and Underworld ( can't choose one)
least fav: legend and early core

01-11-08, 16:30
Fav: TRL Lara
Worst: TRC Lara

Lara Coft Baby
01-11-08, 16:33
Favorite: Aod And underworld
Least: Hmmm... thats hard....I would say TR1 Lara. I don't know :p And at first I didnt like legend lara but now.....shes ok

01-11-08, 16:44
Favourite: TR 1-6
Least Favourite: Legend, Anni and most likely Underworld..

01-11-08, 17:00
Wait...I forgot to say Underworld Lara:p
She's one of my faves too:D

01-11-08, 17:04
Favourite: AOD/TR1 Lara
Least Favourite: Legend/Anniversary Lara


Hybrid Soldier
01-11-08, 17:10
Favorite - Legend/Underworld
Least Favorite - AOD

01-11-08, 17:11
i have 4 favorite's

Least Favorite
Legend Lara.

^ The rest are in between those

01-11-08, 17:37
Least favourite: TR5 (Chronicles) Lara.

Lord, I hate some of those conversations she has in that game AND I don't like the voice actor very much. My least favourite TR and my least favourite Lara.

My favourite: TR 1 - 3 Lara.

01-11-08, 17:38
The AOD Lara doesn't look like Lara at all, but she looks so great. I'd love to see her in CD game. I also love the Legend and Underworld Lara.

I dont like Anniversary Lara. She should look younger than in Legend, but she looks older, near thirties I would say...
And.. I hate TR4 and Chronicles Lara. The evil look on her face just doesn't match with her soft girly voice.

Melonie Tomb Raider
01-11-08, 17:39
TR3 Lara was my favorite, followed by TRU Lara. TRA Lara was definitely the worst, she had no jaw and a super long chin, her face shape looked like a light bulb. :vlol:

01-11-08, 17:43
Least Fave: AOD and Last revaltions

Fave: Underworld and Tomb Raider 3

01-11-08, 17:52
Favourite: TR2/TR3 Lara
Least favourite: None. =]

01-11-08, 18:28
Favourite: Lara
Least favourite: Lara


01-11-08, 18:36
Favourite: TR 2-3, AOD Lara
Least favourite: Legend and Anniversary Lara

01-11-08, 18:41
Fave: Legend, TRU and TR2/3
Least: TR4/5 (She looked ****ed off all the time.) :D

01-11-08, 18:59
Favorite: TR 3 and the rest of the classics.
Least favorite: TRL/TRA, sorry, but she was too whiny and out of control for my taste.

01-11-08, 19:00
Fave: underworld/aod Lara
Least favourite:

01-11-08, 19:18
Least fave: Legend Lara (and somehow AoD, too)
Teh bestest Lara: EARLY LARA!<3 The one and only.

01-11-08, 19:20
Favourite: AOD Lara
Least favourite: Legend Lara

01-11-08, 20:14
AOD Lara's personality makes no sense, even for PSX Core times, that's why I don't like her. My favourite is TR2, 3 Lara, BAD-ASS:D

01-11-08, 20:16
TR1 Lara my favourite.

TR5 Lara my least favourite. "Busy girl, gotta go"?? Really? Reaaaallly?

Legend of Lara
01-11-08, 20:39
Favourite- Classic Lara. :D

Least favourite- Legend Lara. D=

01-11-08, 23:30
Best: Underworld Lara

Worst: TR4/5 Lara (The holsters are stupid!:mad:)

01-11-08, 23:38
Favourite - Anniversary Lara

Least favourite - AOD Lara

02-11-08, 03:12
Favourite: AOD Lara
Least favourite: Legend Lara

Now that we've gotten that out of the way (because no one was expecting it! Nope!)....

Most Favorite: Early Core Lara, only because she seemed somewhat consistant. Ever since AoD it seems like it's been a different woman in each installment.
Least Favorite: Tie between TR1 and TR:L Lara. TR1 Lara was completely cold personality wise, barely any lines. TR:L Lara however....:p

That and TR:L's Lara seemed completely different from all the other Laras. (as stated above)

02-11-08, 05:17
Kind of hard to pick a favourite...but

Favourite: TR4 (Chronicles too i guese) and AOD :D

Least Favourite: Legend :rolleyes::o

Lara's Backpack
02-11-08, 05:53
There was a massive change between "early core" and "AOD"

So I pick pre-aod post tr2. Especially 4 and Chronicles, Lara has much more personality then, and she kicks ass!

Least favourite; Legend. Eugh.

02-11-08, 06:08
Favorite: AOD Lara
Least favorite: TRL Lara :p

02-11-08, 06:40
Favourite - Anniversary Lara

Least favourite - AOD Lara

Same! And I love TRII Lara as well and I liked legend Lara lol I feel bad for saying it because everyone else seems to hate her but I'm just a sucker for the graphics i guess!

I cant stand underworld Lara though, she just looks like plastic surgery gone wrong to me lol but still nowhere near as bad as AOD Lara with her emotionless face of stone lol

02-11-08, 07:37
Favorite - TR3 Lara's personality with AOD Lara's looks
Least favorite - TRL Lara

TR love
02-11-08, 07:47
if u ask me the tr:1-Tr:3 lara was different to the chronicles and LR lara.

my fave is the TR:3 lara. she was so damn sexy!

02-11-08, 08:21
Fave Lara: Classic Lara. The way she moves, the way she interacts with friends or enemies is so exquisite and fearlessly rebellious.

Take TR5 Lara for example: She got robbed of her money briefcase by Larson and Pierre but she elegantly offer her hand to be kissed goodbye. Pierre being sort of a gentleman went to do the honor but got a sharp smack across his face and Lara went fan-kick the artifact (lol what's the artifact name again?) from Larson's hand and it went into the air, Lara grabbed it and slid it between her lacy underwear and jump from the stage audience balcony to the stage curtain and slid down, bowing to the applause of the audience. I can't remember CD's Lara doing anything as memorable as that!

Least fave Lara: Legend Lara. The worst bimbo tomb raider I've ever laid my eyes on. Talk about obnoxious when she shake her hips to Rutland, she looks waay cheap than Janis in Aod. (at least Janis has style and taste). I still don't like what she did with Amanda in the Bolivia ending scene, she wrongly accuse Amanda for killing her mother, without any solid evidence or proof that Amanda was solely responsible and knocked her out cold after killing Amanda's boyfriend. In what kind of direction CD was planning with Lara is undecided to me. They want her to appear humanitarian, like not killing wild animals or took pity on them whereas when dealing with humans she lost control of any logical or rational thinking.

So yes, the least fave Lara for me is Legend Lara, for her bizarre nature and a terribly dreadful representation of what Lara should be.

I cannot judge TRU Lara yet as I've yet to see her in action.