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01-11-08, 22:58
Hi there!

Just one quick question:

I'm playing TRU (Demo) on 2 different systems.
One is a Vista Machine (32 Bit) and the other is a Windows XP Service Pack 3 machine.

When I play the demo with my X360 contoller, the gamepad configuration on both systems differ.
For some reason under windows XP I can't use the "Left" and "Right Trigger" buttons.

Does anyone have the same problem / know how to fix that?
Thank you!

02-11-08, 10:34
Try configuring it via Joy2Key (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/jtk379en.zip) application.

02-11-08, 13:25
This is probably because one of your PCs (probably the XP one) doesn't have XINPUT, the native Microsoft API for your 360 gamepad. If you download the latest version of DirectX and install it things will probably start working correctly.

The 360 gamepad support when using XINPUT is much better as without (the game will also start showing you the proper controller buttons), etc.

02-11-08, 21:29
Thanks for the tipps!
I'm going to try that XINPUT thingy asap ;)


WOOT! It worked! Thank you very much! :jmp: