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02-11-08, 21:14
Can anyone explain how can i control the camera with the gamepad?
Because right now i have to use the mouse to do that.
the configuration doesnt seem to work
my gamepad is the VENOM USB, the same for playstation but for PC
Thanks in advance

Dark Lugia 2
02-11-08, 21:18
I dont think you can do that with 3rd party controllers, It didnt work for me, so I bought a 360 controller.

03-11-08, 03:15
mhhhhhh i see
ok thanks
then i guess i have to stick with the mouse...for now

03-11-08, 19:58
Go on gamepad settings and highlight the yellow one and set it to that.


03-11-08, 23:30
thanks larson but that doesnt work
i tried all the combinations, i use the stick and it doesnt work
also the "walk" function doesnt work as well even with key mapping
im using total game control for that

04-11-08, 09:02
^ Try mapping the keys with Joy2Key (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/jtk379en.zip) application.

05-11-08, 02:06
EscondeR i could kiss you man (not) but i will just say thank you very much

That tool is fantastic, just like total game control but much better and full.

It solved all my problems :D

but to control the camera i have to press the joystick buttons (left for horizontal, right for vertical) not perfect but WORKS!

is there a way to move the camera with the joystick like the mouse. i dont know how to configure. Can you tell me? i just dont want to spend the rest of my life trying to guess.

Thanks again

Back to the Tombs...

05-11-08, 06:10
I'll try to look for a better solution. Meanwhile look if your joystick is properly configured in Control panel > Gaming devices (right model/configuration).

05-11-08, 12:09
yes i think the configuration is ok, perhaps im missing something

but as far as i know if we use de original gamepad from sony PS2 with the USB adapter it works perfectly.

i have the VENOM USB Gamepad for pc. this is the pc version from the venom for ps2


10-11-08, 11:17
Just to let people know, now im using the Original Playstation 2 controller and everything works...finally a decent controller