View Full Version : Sony e220 question

03-11-08, 10:09
Hey guys,

just got a big 17" Sony E220 Monitor,

great monitor, but i cant seem to get the picture right (with the angles and such).

the rest button works to some extent but the screen is still a bit curved.

is there a program or some tips out there to help get a straight screen?:confused:.

BTW: Just got a new ASUS P4SE Mobo, 746mb Ram, Overclocked 2.6ghz celeron, fx 5550 and new case :D.

03-11-08, 20:54
Use search button, find any of your recent "Guys, got a new bla-bla-bla..." thread and post this question there. Really no point in creating a new thread for any tiny part of your upcoming upgrade.
Besides I have warned you about that already, therefore...