View Full Version : Problem with vista language..

03-11-08, 17:38
weeks ago, my vista turned into spanish suddenly i dont why, actually not every thing but few things like nvidia control panel, or even if your gonna install anything it will set the default language to spanish, i checked the regional and language setting every thing is fine,
i wonder if a virus can do such a thing, please help thats realy annoying to me....

03-11-08, 20:34
Are you sure you/somebody else haven't installed specific MUI (Multilanguage User Interface)? Or spanish video drivers instead of english ones?

03-11-08, 21:37
I dont remmeber that i installed such a thing, still i wonder if a virus can do such a thing too, anyway the video driver has updated itself automatically along with the vista update, it didnt give me even the choice to select the language, i wonder if that would affect the whole language default settings to be in spanish!!!

03-11-08, 21:46
Run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report.

For the low start:
Use System Restore to retreat system state on day before the issue arize, then update video driver manually. Turn off Automatic updates.

04-11-08, 00:34
Goto Run Or Search...

Type, Dxdiag

See What The Language Settings There.