View Full Version : Laptop video driver failure..

04-11-08, 10:23
Now things have gone from bad to worse...

I tried updating my Video driver on my laptop to play TRU.. I new my video ard was an old Radeon IGP 320M so I tried to download and install the latest driver, my computer is so old and crappy it woun't allow me to install it because of insufficient software...

problem is: I uninstalled the old one and now I have no video driver at all... and with no way to get the old one back, what do i do? :(

04-11-08, 10:35
Go to Control panel > System > Hardware tab > Device manager, expand Display adapters cathegory and right click your video adapter, select Properties. On Driver tab click Revert button.

05-11-08, 03:10
thank you!! I was ****ting myself there for a second, thinking I couldn't fix it... :o

05-11-08, 06:11
BTW, for a laptop video driver better visit laptop manufacturer site, not ATI site, as laptop drivers are all different from desktop ones.

06-11-08, 07:22
ah, I see. Thankyou.