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04-11-08, 17:30
I can't upload photos with photobucket anymore for some reason. I need photobucket to store my photos to specific folders, which is why I don't want to use other image uploaders. I had to use tinypic to upload this image:


When I click on the 'Choose files' button and select a file, the 'Error on Page' caption appears at the bottom-left corner where I've circled in red. How do I fix this problem? Also, I've recently upgraded from IE6 to IE8. I never had this problem on IE6. Do you think that has anything to do with it? Is anyone else having the same problem? I also have 805 images in total. I doubt that has anything to do with the problem though.

Any help will be appreciated.

04-11-08, 20:17
1. Better use Opera 9.62 (http://www.opera.com/download)
2. Ensure you have Java RE (http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp) updated and enabled in browser settings.
3. May try pressing "Have problems uploading link" on Photobucket page or use "Old uploader" link there.