View Full Version : Shimmying glitch?

04-11-08, 23:34
My videocard is horrid but the game plays perfectly when I disable shadows. There is a weird glitch: could my video card (NVIDIA 8400) be the culprit?

During the Bhogavati puzzle, on the side where Lara uses the grapple to free there's an issue.

I came across it where she transverses across, free climbs, and then transverses again before jumping up to wall hug. During the transverse before the jump, instead of shimmying properly, she tries to go around the split ledge as if it were a corner. She turns sideways and camera starts jerking around. I straighten her out and continue with the game.

The glitch has repeated itself four times thus far.

It's not game hindering, but I wanted to inform the forum in case someone had the same problem or found a fix for it.

05-11-08, 06:15
^ Definitely not a hardware/third-party software related glitch. It's the game bug most likely.

05-11-08, 08:46
The demo is probably part of an early build of the game, I'm sure Crystal won't allow these little annoyances to make it to the final version.