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05-11-08, 12:13
Hey folks

I got a second hand Sony Ericsson W810i phone a couple of months ago, and according to the seller, it's locked to T-Mobile. However I've been using an Orange SIM card in it with no problems except for the fact I can't send text messages. When I try, I get "sending failed - message barred".

If my phone really is locked to T-Mobile, shouldn't all functions be blocked? I can phone people and I can receive calls and text messages, I just can't send any texts. :confused:


05-11-08, 12:33
Maybe you can try reinstalling the phone software (flashing), or do a master reset.
Make sure you've got everything backed up tho, because those 2 things will both erase all data you have. Your phone will have software like it came out of the box.

Master reset should be in settings or so.

05-11-08, 13:15
Have you tried:

Your SIM with another phone
This phone with another SIM