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06-11-08, 00:28
Ah yes, it's time to pull the trigger on some upgrades for one of my computers.

Currently it has:
AMD Athlon 64 4000+
ATI Radeon x1650 Pro 512MB
2GB DDR2 800

This computer will be used to play games. My dilemma is this: My current budget allows me to do one upgrade at a time, and I've narrowed it down to a CPU upgrade or a GPU upgrade. I would either go to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ or an ATI Radeon HD4670. Since both are roughly the same price, I'm wondering your opinions on which I should do first.
Which component would bottleneck the other component worse? Will the CPU hold the GPU back the most or Vice Versa? :cln: Obviously both would hold the other back, but which is the wisest to upgrade first in your opinion?

06-11-08, 02:35
Go With ATI Radeon HD4670.

06-11-08, 06:56
^ Agreed.

06-11-08, 15:00
I third that :p

The ATI HD4670 might be proportional with the your Athlon, however If you buy a more powerful card you'll also need to update your cpu (or simply change your whole pc) . Now just settle for this ATI (or similair nvidia card) and you'll already see a noticeable difference ;)

07-11-08, 05:48
I Think 4670 Equivalent To 9500GT Right?

Btw @Questioner You May Consider A Palit 9600 GSO Or 9600 GT Or 9800 GT Also. Those Are In Same Range.

9600 GSO 126$
9600 GT 136$
9800 GT* 150$

In India.