View Full Version : need help showing phots on fourms(Tomb Raider Underworld)

06-11-08, 18:12
ok some one please help me or tell me how to show the photos or picture in the forums (i use photosbucket) so if you know how to do it please tell how to do it thank you!!!!

06-11-08, 18:16
Use IMG ;)

06-11-08, 18:17
This shouldn't be here but you use image tags
*insert pic link*

06-11-08, 18:30
An easy way with Photobucket, I've found, is if you go to the particular album your photo is in, locate the photo, and then (with it selected), click "Generate HTML and IMG code". :) That will automatically generate the code you need to either post a thumbnail link of your image, or to post the image itself on the forums. Just copy/paste the code you want.

06-11-08, 18:32
I helped you out in that Themes and Pic thread, I cleaned up the code for ya.