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01-04-04, 19:05
...a voice from the darkness.....

Well, I bought this into my Arsenal at our local TESCO hypermarket today. It's a "TESCO Value Tomb Raider: Chronicles" PC game on a single CD-ROM. What do You think? It was cheap - only about 2$ -, because this is the absolute lowest low budget version. And since this is a "Value", it doesn't contain any of the infamous savebugs at the end of "Red Alert!"... ;) Too bad that it's only a single CD, so this Value-version doesn't contain the Level Editor... BTW, how do You like its design? Fascinating, isn't it...? :D


It's still April 1, so I thought I share it with You. I hope You like it... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

SYS "Congratulations Ms Croft. You are positively Amazonian.

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01-04-04, 19:09
We have tesco's over here... they rule :D

01-04-04, 19:22
Originally posted by SYS:
BTW, how do You like its design?Ummm, inventive... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif :D