View Full Version : HELP! TRU ruined screen resolution!!

08-11-08, 12:25
I uninstalled the TRU Demo because I was bored of it. I then re-installed it because of the fly-tool that was out. It re-installed successfully. And I was setting the game options (through the window that pops up before the game launched) and then it played. Unfortunately the resolution was a bit off so I decided to change it from within the game menu but something went wrong and now my screen is too far to the left and I cant actually get it back (I've tried to adjust it through the screen menu and through control panel).



08-11-08, 15:21
maybe post a screen of what it looks like?

But i think you need to go to desktop, right click, scroll down to graphics properties (xp) or personalize (vista) then go to display settings and adjust the resulution. if that doesnt work restart your pc, if that doesnt work try making sure TRU.exe is not running in the tray section or proccesses panel.
(you cab check by pressing ctrl + alt + del at the same time, then select task manager.

08-11-08, 16:18
Just press the Auto button on your monitor


Press Menu to call on-screen menu and adjust Horizontal picture position with buttons on your monitor.

08-11-08, 16:42
Do you have a LCD or a CRT?

Laras man
08-11-08, 20:37
It happened me once now I can only 1280X800 the rest are out of the screen and masive I use laptop LCD but anyway I only use 1280x800 cause it the highest

09-11-08, 13:39
Dont worry its fixed there was an option to restore it to factory settings which I used. :)