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08-11-08, 17:45
My PC started to lock up a few times, then it would reset itself when it got to the XP loading screen.

I opened up my pc and gave it a good clean and reseated all the parts, Still no luck.

I thought it might be a virus or something so I tried running a copy of Barts PE (xp on a cd) it also reset itself when it reached the XP loading screen.

I unplugged all hard drives, taken out all uneccessary cards, All thats left plugged in is one dvd drive, 1 stick of memory and the graphics card.

Still the same result, with barts so it not a virus and is definatly a hardware issue.

I tried two different memory sticks, changed the banks in which they were plugged into. No luck.

It has to be one of three things

Graphics Card

I am leaning towards the CPU, as this would tie in with the previous lock ups.

Do you think I am better of bying new parts to build a whole new PC and upgrade everything (its a P4 2.4ghz)

Or buy a CPU to fit into my current setup and risk wasting money if that's not the problem

I am having to resort to using a PC found on the Ark for the time being :o

08-11-08, 18:02
It might be less frustrating to build a new computer since yours is aging anyway. Otherwise you'd be doing quite a bit of troubleshooting and part swapping.

08-11-08, 18:33
My PC Died


What can I say, get a new one. I did the same. Had the same issue before it made the beeping noise and couldn't be turned on anymore.

08-11-08, 22:10
Go for the new one. Consider visiting THIS (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=135954) thread.