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29-04-04, 14:52
For all the Corrs fans on the forums.

SUMMER SUNSHINE Word on the street is that Andrea actually wrote this one; apparently it was always destined to be a single and that although it's got a Summery vibe goin' on, it's also got an underlying story about a Summer love.

ANGEL was written by Andrea and Caroline for their mother; the song is dedicated to their parents.

HIDEAWAY was written by Sharon for a friend who was having a hard time; it's been compared to "One Night" from "In Blue".

GOODBYE is another moving song for their mother, this time written by Sharon.

TIME ENOUGH FOR TEARS The song taken from "In America" and written especially for Andrea by Bono and Gavin Friday.

HUMDRUM....music by Jim, lyrics by Andrea. Apparently Jim explains this one is about how if dreams come true, you can sometimes easily get bored of them.... Am I reading too much into that?!

EVEN IF is composed by Andrea, and talks about the luck you feel when you find love.

BORROWED HEAVEN Word is that this is another collaboration with African vocal supergroup Ladysmith Black Mambazo! Must have got on so well at the 46664 concert!

CONFIDENCE was another written by Andrea, and was the first song she wrote for this album. She said it was difficult to start, but it was the song which allowed her to eventually write 7 out of the 12 songs on the album! Impressive!

BABY BE BRAVE was another song composed by Andrea, and inspired by two very different things! Firstly a meeting with Ryan Adams; and secondly a news article about the Wall Of Lamentations in Jerusalem. It talks about faith and that she is convinced that at some time or another, we have to all face our fears.

SILVER STRAND is the album's closing instrumental, composed by Sharon and Caroline. They chose to write this one and include it so as not to lose their traditional roots.

I really can't wait to listen to this album.


Further Reading: Song Info (http://www.montreuxjazz.com/NR/montreuxjazz/img/media_corner/bios_artistes/img_artistes/The%20Corrs_20040416_164833_4135.pdf)

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