View Full Version : Update to TR1 Vista workarounds

08-11-08, 23:40
As a minor update to the old thread
on possible solutions to TR1 Vista issues,

that is,
either via Glidos/VDos32/AudioPack (fully functional)
or Dosbox/Glide patch (ditto)
or dgVoodoo (works fine except for cdaudio music still mute)

it's maybe worth noticing that

as regards TR1 & TRUB playing under Vista using Dosbox
as of the latest Dosbox 0.72 cvs build
updating what I had written in that post :
mount d e:\ -t cdrom -noioctl to have sound and music, obviously change drive letters if needed

now there's no need to use the -noioctl switch anymore, since rewritten -ioctl calls (dosbox default btw) can now make it,
the proper and sufficient command line is

mount d e:\ -t cdrom

(assuming e: is the letter given to your cdrom drive or your first drive if they're >1)
and so you can have music in Vista
(as opposed to sound fx which would be driven by the soundcard, actually through sb emulation and which was already working).