View Full Version : Am getting a laptop

09-11-08, 12:50
...but need some help. Now, it must be under 300 quid, good bit o memory, im gonna game on it, tomb raiders 1-5, the first gta, mostly classics. Gonna be using it for internet, (so ill be on here more often) and photoshop. Though i cant seem to find this imaginary laptop lol. Any tips? Gettin it for crimbo so...

09-11-08, 12:59
Any one?

09-11-08, 14:14
<300 GBP for a laptop that's good for Photoshop may be a bit too little. I can't advise you too well; have you checked the other threads about people getting a new laptop, both here and in the TRU Technical Support forum?

09-11-08, 14:30
well, photoshops ot necessary, just would be nice. As long as it has internet and can play old trs and gtas its ok.