View Full Version : PSX-USB adaptor and TR1?

09-11-08, 16:53
Bear with me here - I'm a total technophobe...:cln:

So I got a PSX-USB adaptor thinking that it would allow me to use a Playstation controller with my laptop.
The controller shows up in Control Panel/Game Controllers, and seems to be configured correctly; but when I open up Tomb Raider Unfinished Business, there seems to be no way to actually *use* the controller.

So... what am I missing? is it actually impossible to use anything other than the keyboard controls in TR1? or is trying to use a PS controller with a PC game just a non-starter?
If it's the latter, is it possible to use a controller other than a PS one with TR1? and if it is, what would people recommend?


09-11-08, 18:36
Use Joy2Key (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/jtk379en.zip) application :)

14-11-08, 19:02

Worked a treat once I'd worked out how to configure the keys.