View Full Version : Could I copy the demo into a disk?

Jedd Fletcher
10-11-08, 03:32
After various demo issues, I'm close to giving up. However, my friend and downstairs neighbour has the demo in good condition. This may sound like a stupid question, but is it possible to copy the demo into an SD card and then download it from there into my computer?

10-11-08, 03:33
I dont think it's that easy ;)

Jedd Fletcher
10-11-08, 03:37
No? Aww man, that what do I do??

10-11-08, 03:52
I dont think it's that easy ;)

why is it not easy? yes Jedd it is totally possible to copy it in an SD card and install.

Jedd Fletcher
10-11-08, 04:13
Ah, thank you so much!

TRLara Croft
17-11-08, 00:51
I'd give it a shot but since the game is going to come out this week I would just forget about it. Keep in mind that if the demo doesn't work on your computer then downloading it onto a disc then instailling it might not work either.

18-11-08, 22:39
Everyone,I have a solution!!!Don't download the demo from anywhere but www.tombraider.com and download it.Install it and have fun,although I'm not quite sure...