View Full Version : Need Suggestion.....Please !

10-11-08, 08:16
Dear friends, i am looking a new graphiqs card coz my old card is not supported TR Underworld. And i not yet played play FarCry 2, Assassianse Creed, Crysis, Gears of War and other new games.
Today i found 2 graphiqs card which can i buy coz other cards are sooo expancive.
I need a suggestion, tell me someone the cards I mantioned are good for new games ? I realy need your reply.
(see below).

XFX GeForce PCX 9800GT 512MB (256-BITS) DDRIII

XFS GeForce PCX 9600GT 512MB (256-BITS) DDRIII


10-11-08, 09:16
Normaly i'd go for the latest card, but after many said that the latest aren't the best for games,

Go for the 9600GT. Maybe the best option, but don't take my word for it...