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10-11-08, 22:05
how and i enable windowed and full screen so i can play my music too.

Tomb Raider Master
10-11-08, 22:39
Thread moved to Technical Support section.

You'll get help there before. Alex, this is about TR3. :)

10-11-08, 22:41
Do you mean how you can put it on windowed mode? why do you want to put it on windowed mode? just to put a music right? :confused:

10-11-08, 22:54
ya and do other things like read a online walkthough since my printer broke

11-11-08, 06:56
Just use ALT+Enter to switch to windowed mode, or CTRL+Esc to go to Desktop (you'll need to press TR3 button on task bar to get into the game then), or ALT+Tab to switch between applications, or CTRL+ALT+DEL to go to Task Manager (to start/stop/configure any task you need) :) Don't forget to pause the game before going out ;)