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29-04-04, 21:35
Daddy boulder - Aye up! Here comes Croft again. All right, look lively. We’ll try and squash her when she walks past that big tree at the bottom of the hill.

Mummy boulder - Oh gawd! Do we have to do? The last six times we’ve gone after that wretched women it’s taken us 3 hours to get back up the slope again. Can’t we get that useless son of ours to do it?

Daddy boulder - Nah, don’t be daft. He’s only 4, and you know what they say about kids rolling before they can walk.

Mummy boulder - Well that’s still old enough for him to have been in all the Tomb Raider games so far.

Daddy boulder - Err yeah, that’s true. We’re still not making him go, though. (Shouts out to his son anyway) Hey, son! Stop rolling backwards and forwards over that baby monkey and go tidy your room.

Baby boulder - Aww but dad! It was you rolling into the bedroom that caused the mess.

Daddy boulder - Yeah, but the only reason I rolled into your bedroom at all was to complain about the way you messed up the living room yesterday by doing a little bit of careless rolling of your own.

Baby boulder - But I only rolled into the living room to tell mum she caused a mess in the kitchen when she went sleep-rolling the previous night.

Mummy boulder - Hey! I was only sleep-rolling because I was still distressed over the way you two messed up the bathroom with your rolling when you went into it the day before that.

Daddy boulder - I wanted to teach him how to shave!

Mummy boulder - Oh, cos’ us rolling boulders are just famous the world over for growing flamin’ beards!

Daddy boulder - Err, good point. Look, forget about that. What are we going to do about the house? It’s a complete mess from all the rolling.

Mummy boulder - Well then the answer is simple. We’ll never go back it in again. We’ll just keep it for show in case Aunt boulder and her two little snowballs come over to visit from the Ice Palace.

Daddy boulder - But where will we sleep?

Mummy boulder - We’ll sleep out here in the bushes. Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I kept rolling off the side of my bed during my sleep anyway.

Baby boulder - Hey daddy! You’re favourite song’s on the radio (Sings along) ROLLIN’ ROLLIN’ ROLLIN’.

Daddy boulder - Turn that damn thing off! You’ll give away our position to Croft!

Baby boulder - Aw, but daddy!

Daddy boulder - Don’t ‘daddy’ me. Turn that radio off before I come over there and roll over it.

(Baby boulder reluctantly complies).

Mummy boulder - Good job you mentioned Croft. I’d almost forgotten about her. Look, she’s just about to walk past our line of roll.

Daddy boulder - Right then! Let’s do it! Go, go, go!

(Daddy and mummy boulder begin rolling)

Mummy and daddy boulder together - Wheeeeeeeeeeeee

Lara Croft - lol. Not these two again. Oh well.

(Lara does a sideways jump to the left. Mummy and daddy boulder crash into the large tree)

Mummy boulder - Argghhh!

Daddy boulder - Oh god that hurt!

Lara Croft - LMAO! See ya’s.

(Exit Lara)

Mummy boulder - I forsee three hours of hardship

Daddy boulder - Yep.

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30-04-04, 15:25
LOL :D Brilliant!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

I'll never see those boulders the same way again! :D

30-04-04, 20:45
Superb! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif This should be published! :D Whatever you're on, I really want some. ;)

30-04-04, 22:16
Originally posted by Ocean-Sirius:
Superb! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif This should be published! :D Whatever you're on, I really want some. ;) Hehe. :D