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11-11-08, 16:48
I think that I may be able to scrape together £150 to £200 in order to upgrade my PC enough to be able to play Underworld. :o For this budget, I am planning to upgrade the motherboard, the RAM, the processor and the graphics card. I have always preferred Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards, although I am aware that these are usually slightly more expensive. There are several issues which I am unclear on, so I would like to ask some questions. :)

1. I think that I can obtain a fairly good graphics card such as GeForce 8800 GT or 9500. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the 8800 and 9400, 9500 and 9600 series is, and which one would they recommend?

2. I would prefer not to upgrade my power supply unit, although Iím not sure if my 250 watt unit will handle the new components. Can anyone enlighten me?

3. I have a fairly standard midi tower case which currently houses a Pentium 4 motherboard. Will I have any trouble installing a Duo core compatible motherboard in my old case? E.g. Will the screw holes fit?

4. Given this fairly low budget (which CANNOT be exceeded), which components would people recommend?

Thanks for your time and help! :tmb:

11-11-08, 19:45
1. and the main one - you can't upgrade both platform (CPU+MB+RAM) and video board with this budget, therefore I recommend you to go to www.dabs.com and choose only platform. Consider the video board you have now (in the matter of slot - PCI-E or AGP).

2. 250W PSU won't manage to supply enough power (with new VB even worse).

3. As your budget is relatively low - go for AMD platform, allows the same/better performance for lower price.

12-11-08, 17:01
I have been doing my research, :) and I do believe that I can afford to upgrade to these components:

- Arianet 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM - £8.17 inc VAT

- Novatech GeForce 8800GTS 320MB HDCP Enabled Dual DVI PCI Express (500MHz Core Clock) (1600MHz Memory Clock) (1200MHz Shader Clock) - £61.10 inc vat

- Intel Pentium Dual Core E2220 2.4GHz (Retail 775) - £56.34

- MSI P6NGM-L GeForce 7050 Socket 775 Onboard VGA 8 channel audio mATX Motherboard - £34.01 inc vat

I’m just unsure how well they will actually run the game, as there seem to be many processors and graphics cards which the game does not support. The thing which I’m really not clear on, is the difference between the graphics cards that I listed above. :confused: I’m also really reluctant to upgrade my power supply, as I’m trying to cut down on energy usage. :o

Thanks for reading! :D

(PS. Using XP not Vista)

12-11-08, 20:42
1. Better go for AMD platform.

2. I don't know this video board brand, seems kinda suspicious to me. Better change CPU+MB+RAM for this time, and save more money for the video board (you can find another MoBo with built-in graphics that is supported by TRU, this one GeForce 7050 is not).