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12-11-08, 20:39
A friend of mine got this in startup

%systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k

no matter how many times I delete it appears again. And it causes pc restart everytime. I've never seen such annoying thing. What is this? I tried to find out but on every site there are only dull comments and nothing more than format c:


12-11-08, 20:51
1. Boot in Safe Mode.
2. Go to Control panel > System > Additional properties > Startup and Recovery and untick "Reboot on error" option, in Prepare report field select "None".
3. Go to Control panel > Administrative tools > Services, right click Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service, select Properties, select Recovery tab and choose "Do nothing" for all three error types. Press OK. - This will prevent rebooting in normal mode.
4. Perform full system antivirus scan in Safe Mode.
5. Run ARDiag.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/ardiag.exe) and post the report.

-- Edit --
What tool did you spot this entry with? Or plain Regedit?

12-11-08, 21:10
ah ok I will try that. I scanned with antivirus tho but it says that everything's clean there. Just strange that thing causes a pc reboot everytime ! Btw what's the reason of that crap? How and when does it occur?

about diag I can't coz his pc has no net connection.

12-11-08, 21:14
Btw what's the reason of that crap? How and when does it occur?

about diag I can't coz his pc has no net connection.

1. The system was recovered after a critical error and memory dump is prepared. The error may be caused by a virus (What antivirus does he/she use?) Anyway the dumping itself runs erratic (virus) - causes the reboot.

2. Download ARDiag.exe, transfer to that PC on the Flash drive, then bring back the report :)

...and don't forget about my question above :)

12-11-08, 21:19
a/v is avast

I will download it and copy on flashdrive

and thanks :)

12-11-08, 21:25
a/v is avast

Try online check with www.kaspersky.com :)

12-11-08, 21:29
I will :)

Tomorrow morning gonna do that "Startup and Recovery" thing first. And then will post report here.

edit nopes online check I can't -> no connection there

12-11-08, 22:04
i highly doubt a virus infection if there is not an internet connection present on that machine (unless it was transferred to that machine via disc/flash drive).

again... I dont think the question was ever answered as to what tool you were using when you saw the entry in question?