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12-11-08, 22:37
Hi I'm so annoyed, only a few days ago when I was using my SONY Walkman MP3 player. Upon changing which songs I listen to, the screen started going all weird and crazy! You know like on a computer when you open so many programs, like it slows the computer down. Also like it goes all blocky, so a part of one program goes on top of another, then it fully loads and is ok... well this kind of happened on my MP3. As because I've made the settings on super power saving mode which I did last year anyway, and the screen to go to the date/time but sometimes when it does this. Only a part of the date/time appears, also with the song name. Instead of just going stright onto the date/time as it should, this also happened upon switching songs, or going onto the settings menu or anything on the player itself.

The worst thing that happened was last night when I played the main theme for TRU, then all of a sudden the screen went blank! This stayed on till the end of school today as my sister, lent me one of her hair clips so I could press the reset button on my player. This made it go back to normal, but still it plays up, also it's one of those MP3's that use the sonicstage software.

I've had this player since last christmas, and have had no problems with it since. Till now! :(
So now I have to carry around this hair clip of my sis' to school and reset it if it goes all wrong or funny! :(
Luckly this reset button doesn't restore it to it's factory settings, in fact it just refreshes the player, that's it really!

BTW - It's only the screen that's the issue, not the songs! They play even when the screens blank/blocky, but I'd have to listen to each song as I scroll though to get to the one I want :(

13-11-08, 06:48
Connection got loosen. You need service, if any can be provided, or replacement.

13-11-08, 18:07
Yeh I got a new replaced MP3 player, and it's now a drag and drop one. It's an updated version to the one I originally had, not to mention a built in FM radio as well :D
Also you can record stuff on this one to, plus idental price to the old one :)

13-11-08, 20:53

13-11-08, 21:45
Yeh I just tried it out, and the sound quality's better then on my previous MP3 :)
The only thing that bugs me, is the order and layout of the menu, and songs *sighs* I'll get used to it... ;)

14-11-08, 11:58
Atleast you have your mp3, some jerk at school stole mine along with my cellphone.

14-11-08, 17:24
Does anyone know any software to increase the embeded volume in songs? As when I'm on the bus listening to it, I can hear background noises more then the songs on my MP3, even on the highest volume! :yik: Never did this with my last MP3 ;)

Atleast you have your mp3, some jerk at school stole mine along with my cellphone.

We used to get little buggers doing that at my school, but when I have PE. I put my MP3 in my locker! During the day it's zipped inside my blazer which is on the inside... Have you reported that brat?

14-11-08, 19:32
Use Windows Standard SoundRec application or Sound Forge.