View Full Version : AoD Install Error (1305)

13-11-08, 15:07
I've tried to install AoD three times, and every time at around 42% I get an error message saying that I'm missing a file.


Every time I press Retry, it goes up one percent and gives me the same error. When I press cancel, it says this:


I looked in the 'D:\Data\Audio' folder, and I found the file it's asking for, so it's obviously not missing...


I've installed it before and it worked.. Anybody know what the problem could be, and how to fix it?

13-11-08, 16:39
Make sure you disk is clean and that it has no scratches on it - when you have cleaned your disk and it still does not work then you may have to clean the laser of your dvd drive or buy a new one.

13-11-08, 17:10
Use Laser Lens Cleaning CD and if this helps not, try your TRAOD disc on some other drive. If another drive reads the disc it's your drive issue, if not - then the disc itself is going to leave the ghost.

13-11-08, 17:41
*facepalm* Why did I not think to do that? Yeah, so..I cleaned off the back, and now it's working. Thanks. I feel so stupid. :p