View Full Version : New CPU for Underworld...your suggestion?

13-11-08, 20:01
Ok,I'm buying a new CPU for Underworld. So...What do you think about AMD ATH 64-5200 x2 Dual-Core?
Is it good? Or should I leave it?

What processor do you use?
And what processor do you suggest? :)

Oh,and another important question:
Will it be ok If I also buy 2 GB RAM? Will the gameplay be good?

I have nVidia 7600 GS...not that great...but...What can I do...


13-11-08, 20:24
I have that processor. It's ok. Although I didn't play the demo. (I always have a problem downloading it)
Anyway,I think you chosed the right one. :)

But don't take my word.

14-11-08, 07:06
1. Why not continue in your old thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=138116)? Making several threads on one subject is called spamming.

2. Your choice is good. Nvidia 7600GS is a bit low for TRU, but you can change it later.

3. You'd better be running under XP.