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14-11-08, 14:33

Okay, just a short introduction.
I've bought the following 2 things:

Samsung LE-37A615 LCD-tv.

Samsung HT-TZ212 Home Theater System


I allready own the PS3.
And an HD Laptop: the Acer Gemstone 8920G (640GB HDD)

So, no i'm prepaird to play and watch good quality.
Almost then..

The TV has 3 HDMI inputs, the Home Cinema System has 1 HDMI-output, the PS3 has 1 HDMI-output, and my Gemstone laptop has 1 HDMI-output aswell..

Howmany HDMI cable do I need??? 3, as i count that correctly.
But do I need other cables to complete my "Home style" ????

If there are any other things I didn't meantioned or know off, please tell me...
Thanks in advance

14-11-08, 15:09
If you want to avoid plugging/unplugging cables constantly, three HDMI cables would do.

14-11-08, 15:38
Maybe you need to interconnect your PS3 with your home theater to hear the sound there too

14-11-08, 15:50
But when the PS3 is connected to my Home Theater, the PS3 still has to be connected to the Tv right???
So no extra cables for that???

14-11-08, 19:54
The PS3's HDMI can only go into the tv since your sound system has no HDMI Switching (no HDMI inputs). You can run your audio out cables from the PS3 to the sound system. These are independent from HDMI. Your sound system has composite audio inputs (red and white jacks) and a SCART as well. Assuming your PS3 has SCART, I suppose you could use that as well. Essentially treat your PS3 like a dvd player. You have a separate video cable for the tv and audio cables for the sound system.

15-11-08, 11:36
Thank Mr. Burns...
I'll do that straight away.. Lets see what for effect it gives... lol

One more question: 50hz, is that good???? Since my Tv has it, i was just wondering...

15-11-08, 17:35
That's your refresh rate. It works along the same concept as a computer monitor. The higher the rate, the better the tv will adjust to fast paced action (video games for example). Since I'm a pc gamer I haven't given that aspect to HDTV's much thought. I'd wait for someone else to better answer that question.

15-11-08, 18:09
^ Yup, nice and simple explanation :tmb:

TRF, your TV set must support 100Hz frequency according to my experience, only analog TV sets are limited to industrial/power net 50Hz frequency. Check your settings.

16-11-08, 19:17
Maybe he's set automaticly to 50hz..
Let me check that on Wednesday, when i'll get back....